Photo of artist Liz Castellano-King

2023 Featured Artist

Lizabeth Castellano-King: Award-Winning Artist and Designer

A native New Yorker, I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, with a degree in Illustration/Graphic Design. Early on I worked in New York as a Freelance Illustrator, meeting many challenges and enjoying the business of Illustration/Design in such a great city. I married a Marine Corps Officer and was fortunate to experience living in numerous countries as well as various states over a 22-year period. This opportunity allowed me to explore and develop my love for watercolors. Once we settled down in Virginia I took employment with the Federal Government. For 16 years I worked as a graphic designer in the Pentagon for the Air Force; this may have been my most challenging and rewarding job. I was able to blend my painting and design skills together in a digital form.

I was introduced to street painting by a family friend some time ago but I never pursued the challenge of participating in the festivals that were in Fredericksburg. My lack of knowledge of this medium contributed to my lack of confidence in creating anything that could possibly be considered art. But in 2021 I decided it was time to face the challenge and signed up for Via Colori Stafford. To sum up my first experience with street painting and the wonderful group of folks from the Stafford and North Stafford Rotary clubs… Awesome! I truly had a great time and at the same time realized my fears were needless. The chalk was easier to create with than I ever imagined and I wish I had taken up this creative process sooner. Although watercolors continue to be an ongoing learning experience for me and my true passion, I look forward to the creative break that street painting offers. See you at the 3rd Annual Via Colori Stafford.

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Local Signature Artist Anna Maples.

2023 Local Signature Artist

Anna Chavez Maples: Local Art Teacher and Events Coordinator

I am a military brat, originally from Texas. Virginia has been home for the longest period of time and where I have planted my roots with my family. I teach art at King George High School and started teaching in January 2020. So it has been a rollercoaster career change but I wouldn’t change it for anything. In addition to teaching, I work for Adventure Brewing Co. I coordinate art shows at both locations, coordinate a few events, and spotlight behind the bar on occasion. Other ways I enjoy being creative is through my photography and hosting paint parties.

My goal in life is to be surrounded by art and creativity. I am pretty sure this is why I tend to juggle so many things at once; my work, family, friends and art. Allowing for inspiration in my art from my ancestors with my father’s family originating from Mexico and my mother’s family originating from Norway. I appreciate the rich culture of both. I incorporate these into my paintings often. I completed my undergrad in art at UMW and am a 2023 graduate for my master’s in education. These were challenging achievements to accomplish as I balanced my family at home and full-time jobs.

Life is full of unexpected things and I try to focus on the beauty that is always around us. As my favorite artist Frida once said, “I can endure much more than I think I can.” This is my mantra and how I balance all that I juggle in this beautiful life I am given.

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Liz King working on her Via Colori Stafford 2021 chalk painting of thread rools


Event Location

Stafford Regional Airport

95 Aviation Way
Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Event Hours

Friday, Sept. 22: Artist’s Reception
Saturday, Sept 23: 10am – 5pm Artist’s Street Fair
Sunday, Sept 24: 10am – 5pm Artist’s Street Fair


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